_Livingston Seagull, Groningen Seaports, Delfzijl_


The Groningen Seaports company celebrated their 50th anniversary and gave this sculpture as a gift to the city of Delfzijl. Located next to the office on an art boulevard with the Wadden Sea on one side and Delfzijl on the other.

Because the sculptures move, they can handle the enormous space and do not get lost in space. The wind always blows here and the sculptures flutter in the wind. They wave and go up and down.

Harm Post, former CEO Groningen Seaports:

‘Schoeren preceded the development of sustainability in our society. Designed for Groningen Seaports with its office on the edge of Wadden World Heritage, a work of art that "moves on the wind". Like praying birds of prey, the sculptures hang in the tops of the flagpoles that tower above the seawall’.