_ Translating renewable energy into motion_


I investigate how our homes, schools, office and factories can inspire us, motivate us and bring out the best of our abilities. There is a link between the design of a space, the existence of a kinetic Solar Mobile inside it and how it makes us feel and behave.


I design and build Solar mobiles for sustainable-offices and sustainable-public buildings with a high ceiling and preferably a lot of day light. 


Solar Mobiles are Mobiles that move by itself on solar energy. 

It’s a kind of moving chandelier containing acrylic pieces each with a solar panel, electronics and a motor and propeller.


At night it sleeps. In the morning when the sun rises it comes alive. During the day it’s alive, it’s swinging and when the sun sets it’s getting quit and goes to sleep.


It’s an instrument that is bin played by the sun.

When it moves it’s a kind of organism you can feel the rhythm of Nature, the rhythm of the day and the rhythm of the seasons. I always aim for non-predictable movements. 

You can watch it, it’s never boring. 

A moving sculpture influences the atmosphere in a room in a positive way.